Our Misson

Parity invests in technological innovation that preserves or protects our rights to privacy, security, and ethical use of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing.

Our core team and advisory board consist of pioneers in responsible technology, AI experts, and investors with a strong track record in impact tech investments.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Investment in responsible innovation is an investment in technology built for public benefit. 

TECHNOLOGY. Responsible innovation tackles the biggest problems facing exponential technologies (AI, Quantum, and Privacy Enhancing Tech) , and enables us to achieve their full potential.

GROWTH. We embrace the ethos of impact with the scaleability of deep tech. In doing so, we open up endless possibility for engaging a broader range of founders.

COMMUNITY. Our fund engages in extensive community-building with our investor education network and active participation at the most sought-after tech events: SXSW, Slush, Davos, and more. 

What is Responsible Innovation?


of AI projects could deliver erroneous outcomes due to bias in data or algorithms or the teams managing them by 2022(Gartner)


of consumers today say
they won’t buy products or use services from unethical companies (2020 Edelman Trust Barometer)


of consumers today say they're more loyal to ethical companies (2020 Edelman Trust Barometer)


of consumers today say companies have a responsibility to positively impact society

What is Responsible

Parity invests in tech startups in three primary pillars: 

Privacy and Security

Ethics and Compliance

Transparency and Accountability

Parity Fund Summary

Parity Fund Summary

Target: $25M

Have closed 3 investments through May 2021, actively investing in new opportunities


Lead Pre-Seed and Seed, B2B and B2C software/tech investments

Portfolio Size

Target 20 portfolio companies, with a 2-4 year investment period


EU, North America and referral netowrk

Parity Leadership

Parity Europe

Parity Europe brings an impact tech track record and a strong network interested in deep tech investments.

Rumman is a pioneer in the field of applied algorithmic ethics. She has built and led global teams in Responsible AI, and currently serves as Twitter's Director for ML Ethics, Transparency and Accountability.
Anders Lier
Anders pioneered impact-tech investment in early stage companies as co-founder in Katapult Group. He has invested in +100 impact startups and funds.

Parity US

Parity US draws from our network of outstanding founders and tech experts to identify like-minded investors and founders

Rumman is a pioneer in the field of applied algorithmic ethics. She has built and led global teams in Responsible AI, and currently serves as Twitter's Director for ML Ethics, Transparency and Accountability.
Ben Colman
Serial startup founder and successful YC graduate, Ben’s prior experience running Goldman Sachs’ crypto and blockchain practice provides grounded emerging tech experience
Parity Management Team

Parity Fund Management Team

Experienced management team

Brian West
Chief operating officer
IT executive with 15+ years of experience of delivering IT related services and products, helping Customer's tackle their most challenging problem.  
Hanne Ek
chief financial officer
16+ years of experience, Hanne is a business driven CFO that has a wealth of experience that ranges from working with startups to completing IPO's.
Parity Advisory Team

Parity Advisory Team

Our stellar advisory group consists of innovators, scientists, industry leaders, and social advocates for change.

Dr. Safiya Noble
MacArthur Genius
Safiya is an esteemed academic professor, commissioner at Oxford within AI & Good Governance and the MacArthur Genius Grant-winning author of the book Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism.
Dr. Eric Horvitz
Industry's leading scientist
Eric serves as Microsoft’s Chief Scientific Officer. His research centers on challenges with uses of AI amidst the complexities of the open world, including and human-AI complementarity and coordination.
Mark Surman
Technology's top public advocate
Mark is Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation. For 20 years, he has rallied the citizens of the web, building alliances with likeminded organizations and leaders, and growing the open internet movement.
Tale Skjøisvik
European Innovation expert
Tale is a full professor of Technology Management and ex-strategy consultant.  Her research and teaching orient around the application of technology in organizations, entrepreneurship and strategy in knowledge intensive firms.
Shail Jain
Shail, currently the North America Data Business Group Lead at Accenture, is a serial entrepreneur and has helped build three technology services firms successfully over the last twenty five years
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